+ Do I have to be an experienced yogi?

As long as you have been practicing for a minimum of 6 months then you are welcome to join us. We hold a very safe space and open our arms to anyone who feels strongly called to dive deeper in to the practices and study of yoga.

+ Do I have to do all the modules and labs?

It’s entirely up to you. If you would prefer to rest and have more of an extended retreat then you are welcome to participate in that way. This is your immersion and we encourage you to listen to what will serve you best. That said, there is so much inspiration and knowledge on tap that we suspect you will be hungry for it all

+ Will we get any free time?

Making sure you feel rested is important to us and the immersion is also an extended retreat. For that reason there will be two completely free days (day 5 and 10) but we will still have our morning sadhana and asana and our evening practice. Our intention is to hold a strong space for you and to facilitate the deepening of your daily practice so we will maintain this routine every day. It makes a big difference to the strength of your energy body, the imprint of your sadhana and the collective field of the group. Other than that, the day is yours to roll back into bed, stroll into town, shop, walk, take a class or lounge by the pool.

+ What will I need to bring?

Laundry is cheap in Ubud and you can get a load done for less than a fiver. So don’t go crazy and pack 12 pairs of leggings. You’ll need yoga clothes for enough days to see you through before you can get to the laundry (your first free day is day 5). And then you’ll need something comfortable to relax in, sleep in and swim in. Other than that, there are dozens of beautiful boutiques in town so leave some space in your suitcase!

+ Are there mosquitos?

Yes but they only come out at sunrise and sunset. Ubud has some effective natural repellents available and we’ll make sure there is some in the shala.

+ Do I need injections?

Check with your local travel clinic

+ What about plug adaptors?

You can buy them in town so don’t worry too much but a world travel adapter is always a smart idea.

+ Is there wifi?

Yes but we encourage you to switch off while you’re immersing. It makes a huge difference to the outcome and your experience.

+ Do I have to go on the evening excursions?

Evening excursions are entirely optional, which is why they are at an additional fee. Expect to pay between £5 and £15, excluding dinner on the last night where we will each pay for our own meals.

+ How do I get to Ubud from the Airport?

Taxis are safe, available and reasonably priced. Public transport is pretty much non-existent on the island but we can arrange for a private driver, if you prefer. Expect to pay INR 300,000 (approx $30 USD or £15).

+ Which airport do I fly into?

There is only one international airport in Bali, which is Denpasar airport, also called Ngura Rai International Airport.

+ Do I need a visa?

Yes but if you’re just staying for 30 days, visitors from most countries can get a Visa On Arrival. Make sure you check the specific regulations for your own country before coming. If you overstay you will be charged around $30 USD per day from the expiry of the visa, which can be paid in Indonesian Ruphiah as you enter customs.

+ Do I have to pay tax to enter or leave Bali?

There are no taxes to worry about when you enter or leave Bali

+ Will I need to bring any local currency?

There’s no need to bring cash, unless you feel more comfortable. There are ATMs at the airport and all over the island. Local currency is Indonesian Rupiah.

+What is Bali belly?

It can take a while for your tummy to adapt to a new diet and travelers can often experience an upset stomach. Make sure you have some charcoal tablets and rehydration salts, just in case. Don’t drink the tap water and avoid ice in drinks. Wash all fruit and veg in bottled water and keep you hands clean.

+ Is Ubud safe?

The Balinese people are incredibly trusthworthy and friendly but, as in any foreign country, stay alert and present. There are safes in all the rooms at The Shala Bali.