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Samavesa was one of the most meaningful and nourishing experiences on my spiritual path so far. It was a chance to reconnect, a beautifully curated safe space, a deep dive in to my Self, Soul and Practice. I felt the love of the teachers and the Kula carry me through our time together, to the other side where the air is easier to breath. I know I will carry echoes of this immersion in my heart for the rest of my life.


If you are looking for more magic, peace, joy and wonder in your life then please sign up to spend some time with Collette, Marghy and their amazing helpers. It was my first ever immersion and introduction to Rasa yoga/embodied flow yoga. These beautiful goddesses curated a perfect program for allowing all aspects of my being into the present moment, here and now, including parts that I did not even know were in exile. They shared so much compassion, wisdom, kindness and pure intuitive insight. The tools that they shared and the entire experience was life changing and magical. They took such wonderful care of everyone in the immersion, so cognizant of everyone's needs and took us to some beautiful adventurous excursions ..the retreat itself is held in such a paradisical spot in Bali, you will dance joyously, do the most delicious yoga and eat fresh nutritious meals, connect with wonderful souls, make lifelong memories and leave with a beautiful new family.


When I first went to Collette’s yoga class, I was instantly hooked as I felt more conscious with myself and in my own body than in any other class prior. Even more magical was when just a few weeks after, Collette invited me to participate in Samavesa. The program itself was very well structured, at a terrific space in between rice fields and included a variety of international qualified teachers. Every day at Samavesa was magical and I truly felt a strong connection with the whole group - right from the beginning. I believe that is because of Collette’s magical skill to bring wonderful people together and her ability to mindfully organize a retreat. During samavesa, very thoughtful different embodied experiences allowed the whole group to unfold magically while Collette and her assistants were always holding space for everyone. Throughout Samavesa I felt so safe, empowered to unfold, and inspired to thrive. I learned to reconnect to myself, fully love myself and let life dance through me. In fact, my deepest learning was that I fully started to trust in myself and life. Even though Samavesa is over, Collette remains an intensive connection with all her students, is a mentor for the whole group and continuously always there for support and open ears. Now, I can’t wait for the next Samavesa to happen.